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The Outer Worlds
Genre: Action, Role-playing
Platform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox ONE
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Game Name: The Outer Worlds
Release Date: 2019-10-25
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Official Website: Here
Platform: Microsoft Windows / Nintendo Switch / Playstation 4 / Xbox ONE
# of players: Singleplayer
Genre: Action Role-playing
  • You can use any play style you can think of Funny scenes and interactions It’s possible to make morally ambiguous choices Lots of customizations and upgrades
  • Plenty of loading screens The companion cut scenes can be improved upon

After the not so good Fallout 76, people have been craving for a post-apocalyptic game that allows you to explore worlds and experience a stunning story. The Outer Worlds is trying to do that and it puts you in the shoes of a galactic traveler. While you do own a ship and you can customize it and your character, you are unable to control the ship directly. Instead, it sets a fast travel point for you to access all kinds of locations in the game world and a large inventory.
The Outer Worlds is very similar to Fallout games. You will enter various planets and cities, these will have their own range of different things you can do and quests that you must complete. You can also find a variety of companions, each one with their own great skills too. As you explore, you will encounter a wide range of different enemies. The interesting thing is that you have firearms and melee weapons too. This latter category is split into energy weapons, heavy and also light weapons too.
The Outer Worlds even encourages you to use stealth or even technical skills in order to get better and improve if you want. They even have 3 skill categories, more specifically engineering, medical and science. You can feel free to invest points into skills and then you can unlock perks.
When it comes to the world itself, Obsidian did a very good job here. The story is immersive and it will bring you to numerous planets. And these planets differ when it comes to quality, visuals and locations. Some of them are simply stunning places to live in, other locations are more of a nightmare, but everything is expertly crafted. Since The Outer Worlds doesn’t have the budget of many AAA games, it’s amazing to see just how much they managed to do with the budget.
But the lack of a heavy budget also means you have a limited amount of planets and stories to check out. You can also gain flaws as you play and fail, these bring you lots of advantages and perks too. So there are plenty of ways to improve your character and customize it the way you want. That’s what really sets the tone in The Outer Worlds, the fact that it has so much customization and incredible features while also pushing the boundaries and delivering the experience you want.
The Outer Worlds works very well, it’s stable on all platforms and the only thing that people seem to ask from it is more content. Obsidian said that they will add more content based on how well the game performs, so we can expect more content down the line. It’s nice to see that The Outer Worlds manages to bring the Fallout feel in an amazing, unique adventure and experience. It certainly pushes the boundaries when it comes to looks and quality, and the gameplay is very polished. It’s not a massive world like Fallout games, but it’s more dense and the story is great so yes, it’s well worth it.

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